This expressive modern style house is designed with the relationship between the building and the nature – proposed park land on the western side of the building. Project focuses on establishing a hierarchy between the house’s public and private zones. With the Open floor plan, a living room, dining area and Pooja area occupies one shared space.



LOCATION: Nagarbhavi, Bengaluru

TYPOLOGY: Residential

CARPET AREA: 1200 sq. ft


  • Facade sets expectations and defines the feel of the overall structure ....
  • The idea was to lead the project with cost effective and climate responsive approach that has provided it a unique identity of being tact and vernacular design. Traditional Jali wall, makes the building bold and unique.
  • Sunlight streams through the Facade Jalis, the patterns form magical shadows and reflections that grace the adjacent floors and walls, entrancing and mystifying all who see them.


Construction Estimator

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